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The Song Jesus Sings

Drawing near to the heart of God through the Song of Songs

by Joel Ratcliffe

Do you hear Jesus singing over you? Come on a journey into the heart of God.

The ancient rhythms of prayer and meditation are God’s antidote to the busyness and distractions of modern life. Awaken a fresh desire for knowing God through the poetry and symbolism of the Song of Songs. The Song Jesus Sings is a journey through the love song of the Bible, drawing on the ancient, allegorical interpretations combined with insights from the 24/7 prayer movement to take the reader on a journey of intimacy with God.

This book is a prophetic cry to the church to stop business as usual, and press into the heart of God. Come and hear the song that Jesus sings over you!

Download a free sample chapter here.

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Courage Over Adversity

A Journey Out of the Occult

by Angie Amuso

There can be serious consequences if you connect with the supernatural in the wrong places. Angie Amuso paid a heavy price for engaging with the occult while on a journey seeking healing and spiritual enlightenment. Her life could have ended in tragedy… but God had other plans!

This is a true story of rescue… of the goodness of God taking a broken life and lifting a precious daughter out of the pit and into her true destiny. You will be inspired, moved and challenged by the life events of Angie Amuso.

Book website found here:, with details of the author and a free sample.

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